Patio Cover Ideas

Patio Cover Ideas – The number #1 best thing in having a patio is relaxing on a lazy chair and getting soal in the sun. It does not matter if you are a newbie or master designer, there are many patio cover ideas you can apply to your own.

Who said a patio cover should be dull and boring? Of course not you, and obviously not me. Aside from its original function which is to provide protection under the sun, a patio cover offers visually enchanting interest to your space. Dramatic patio cover ideas will highlight your area with a beautiful cover.

Patio Cover Ideas

Patio Cover Ideas –

On the list up ahead, you will find some of the brilliant patio cover ideas you can apply to your house. You can get through the listings of pergola, sunroof, vines, and plants you can use to enhance your own patios. Get yourself ready to spend any day on your deck, as your current patios will get makeover into one beautiful space.




Pergola With Climbing Vines

Pergola is one of the best ideas to enhance your patio. Once you have built it on your own lawn, you can grow beautiful vines to further improve the look of your pergola. The vines can provide more protection against the hot burning sun. Furthermore, they can also function as decoration to soften the most vivid part of your patio.

Patio Cover Ideas

Pergola With Climbing Vines – Patio Cover Ideas

Choosing the perfect vines for your patio can be overwhelming, especially when you are not such a master gardener. However, you can get it easier by reading to the exclusive list we have already made for you. These are some of the vines you want to grow in your pergolas:


1. Bougainvillaea

If you are going to add some colours to your patio, this plant is perfect for you. They come in red and purple colours suitable for a classic Mediterranean look.



2. Bower Vine

Bower vine is excellent for more feminine design as they come in white and pinkish blush.



3. Chocolate Vine

Just like the name, this plant offers warm chocolate and plum colour. It is suitable for any patio with elegant design.





Glass Roof for your patio

Patio Cover Ideas

Glass Roof for your patio – Patio Cover Ideas

A good glass roof will make you get the sunlight while keeping you away from the cold breeze and dust. Nowadays, people use glass to bring a sense of luxury and style to their outdoor space. Being extremely popular, the lens comes with various types. There are glasses you can choose for almost everything. Roof, wall, and even stairs can be made of glass right now.

There is not a complicated way to build a grass roof for your patio. All you need is flat glass and something else to keep the glass stay in places such as aluminium or plastic.

However, it is better to get professional help when you want to install a glass roof in your patio. You can adjust the glass to your style. But, mostly it will create such luxury vibes to your design.




Rustic and Romantic Patio Cover Ideas

Rustic look emphasizes a natural and romantic styling. The use of woods and stones to highlight nature can be found in various applications of this design. You do not need a brand new patio cover to boost this look. That is one of the plus sides of this design. You can buy any second-hand cover, and it will still work out for you.

There are several steps you want to do before choosing your rustic patio cover. First of all, choose a patio cover with a warm colour palette. It does not have to be brown, but it certainly needs to be on the right side of the colour wheels. Next, pay attention to details such as texture. The rustic look is good with a random texture cover with a surprising element.




Wooden Pergola For Your Garden

Patio Cover Ideas

Wooden Pergola For Your Garden – Patio Cover Ideas

A wooden pergola is probably the cutest thing you can have in your backyard. It gives a magical, dreamy look and may other benefits, such as:

  • Enhancing the look of your garden. Building a pergola will definitely earn you a brownie point as the owner of the best garden around the neighbourhood.
  • Increasing the price of your house. A home with pergola currently gets more pricy than a home without one.
  • Protect your outdoor. A pergola provides some shade to protect from the sunlight. Moreover, the bar of lights created by a kiosk will make your garden look more romantic for many occasions.




Colourful Patio Cover Ideas

Patio Cover Ideas

Colourful Patio Cover Ideas – Patio Cover Ideas

If you have children in your property, getting a colourful patio cover might be a good idea. The patio will serve as a wonderful place for your children to play. After you install the cover, painting the inner side of the cover will also be a good idea.

Colours will instantly lighten the mood and set them into a playful one. Whatever the colour, be sure to check the colour wheels to create the most epic colour combination.




Bold Light Fixtures

Decorating the exterior of your house is one of the most obvious ways to make a statement. A remarkable lawn makes an exceptional house. However, you need to mind the usage of bold light fixtures to do this.

Patio Cover Ideas

Bold Light Fixtures – Patio Cover Ideas

Different light fixtures create a different ambience. Even so, you also need to pay attention to the colour of light fixtures. You might want to keep your hand off the colourful LED to keep your garden looking elegant at night.

One of the best patio cover ideas is to hang light fixtures in your patio. You can place them at various heights to create an edge. By doing this, you will get a beautiful terrace to get yourself relaxing at night. A great patio and a jacuzzi under the stars might be a good refreshment in any days.




Ceiling Fan

Patio Cover Ideas

Ceiling Fan – Patio Cover Ideas

A ceiling fan can be a superb addition to your patio, especially in the summer. You can quickly install them to your ceiling using a screw and some nails. This last patio cover ideas will definitely help you get through a hot summer drought. Enjoy summer in your patio with icy drinks in hand and music in mind.

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