DIY Floating Wall Shelves

DIY Floating Wall Shelves – You know how much you love the look of DIY floating wall shelves, don’t you? Nowadays, they are everywhere. You can find them in your magazine, your newspaper, and even your neighbour’s house. Well, it is no surprise since DIY floating wall shelves are naturally functional and good looking.

Compare to cabinets, DIY floating wall shelves offer simplicity and modernity. They give you extra storage without a bulky look. Moreover, they are very attractive and easy to build. However, floating wall shelves is not as strong as cabinets. You need to be careful about storing heavy loads on them.

4 Tutorial Floating Wall shelves

4 Tutorial Floating Wall shelves –

If you are looking on the internet, you will find a handful of tutorials about building yourself a wall shelf. You can find some of the most straightforward tutorials about DIY floating wall shelves down here.

You will get a step-by-step guide and plenty of variations to choose from. Without further due, please enjoy our selections of the most exquisite DIY floating wall shelves.




1. Supporting a Floating Shelf with Hidden Inner Frames

Supporting a Floating Shelf with Hidden Inner Frames

Supporting a Floating Shelf with Hidden Inner Frames – DIY Floating Wall Shelves

There are numerous ways to build support for a floating shelf. One of them is to create hidden frames inside the rack. But, before you take the first step of building your floating shelf, here are the tools you are going to need in advance :

  • Wood Screw
  • Nails
  • Magnetic Stud Finder


DIY floating wall shelves with Hidden Inner Frames tutorial :

  1. First of all, you need to build hidden frames in the size of 1x2s
  2. Second, you must screw the invisible frame right into the studs. You can easily do this step by using a magnetic stud finder. This tool will quickly help you with the stud.
  3. Then, you have to connect the hidden frames to the panels on the shelf. You can use a wood screw to attach the bottom, sides, and top of the tray.
  4. If you do all the steps correctly, you will find yourself standing in front of a beautiful solid DIY floating wall shelf.
  5. You can colour your floating shelf to match the theme of the room. But, you can also stain it to get a warmer and traditional rustic tone.




2. Making a Floating Wall Shelf from Crate.

Making a Floating Wall Shelf from Crate.

Making a Floating Wall Shelf from Crate. – DIY Floating Wall Shelves

A crate can be a wonderful floating shelf. It is suitable for any kind of interior design, and it is also cheap. You are going to love this because it attracts a lot of attention as it is a good conversation starter. Your guests will admire your floating wall shelf as if it comes from another era.

One way or another, you need to age the look of your crate before making it a floating shelf. To do that, these are what you need to prepare :

  • Crates
  • Wood stain in grey colour
  • Aged Wood Wax
  • Brush



How to age the look of your DIY Floating Wall shelves?

How to age the look of your DIY Floating Wall shelves

How to age the look of your DIY Floating Wall shelves – DIY Floating Wall Shelves

  1. The first step you want to do is to mount the crates.
  2. After being mounted, you can start to paint them with wood stain. You need to coat them twice to get an excellent colour stain. However, you have to let the first coat dry before you start the second stroke.
  3. You need to check if your stain reaches all the corners of the crates.
  4. Start waxing after the stain is completely dried. To do this, you have to dip lightly into the wood wax. Then, you continue to apply them to the crates with swift strokes.
  5. You need to concentrate on the edge and nook of the crates to get them to look naturally aged.
  6. With a dry brush, you rub it for finishing look.
  7. After you dry them outside, you can start screwing them on the wall.
  8. Be careful about the weight limitation, check them before you store too many pieces of stuff inside the crates.




3. French Cleat Floating Shelf

French Cleat Floating Shelf

French Cleat Floating Shelf – DIY Floating Wall Shelves

French cleats come with a lot to offer. They can be used to place cabinets on walls. And, they can also help you to secure your floating shelf to the wall. Furthermore, the french cleats system strengthens almost any hanging storage so that it capable of storing more weight.

Here is how you start building a french cleats system :

  1. First, you need to start from an inch of plywood.
  2. Make a cut of 5×30 inches strip to be attached to the wall.
  3. You can do this by using a saw, either jigsaw or the circular one. What you need to do is making an angle of 45-degree and start cutting the plywood along the way.
  4. You are going to need a smaller chunk of plywood to make the cleat that connects to the shelf. Do this by creating another angle of 45 degrees to cut the long piece of wood.
  5. Take a wood screw and connect two small plywood, this would be used as your floating shelf. After that, pin the cleat to the back of the floating shelf by using wood glue.
  6. With a wood screw, stick the cleat to the chosen part of the wall and attach your floating shelf.
  7. The last thing you want to do is to check the strength of your floating shelf. If you follow the steps correctly, it should be able to hold quite an amount of things.




4. Floating Shelf Using Angle Brackets

Floating Shelf Using Angle Brackets

Floating Shelf Using Angle Brackets – DIY Floating Wall Shelves

You can find angle brackets in a lot of floating shelf for it is the most common brackets out there. They are quite simple to install, really slim and very easy to conceal. People love these brackets because they can be bought everywhere, and they are pretty affordable.

For those who still wonder how to build DIY floating wall shelves using angle brackets, we already sum up the easy steps for you. Read on and enjoy.


  1. Connect the angle brackets to the shelves. You can put them on the bottom or even the top of the shelves.
  2. Attach the brackets right into the studs. Without the studs, you can buy and use a drywall anchor to hold your floating shelf.
  3. Using wood screws, secure the shelves to the brackets.
  4. Place any decoration you like above the DIY floating wall shelves to hide the angle brackets.

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