DIY Benches Every Room

DIY Benches Every Room – DIY benches are among the most satisfying designs. That is because they can perform numerous miracles. For instance, they can bring elegance and purpose to every room in your house. Moreover, these benches often make your home seems even more inviting!

Building DIY benches every room needs is not that hard. You do not need to be a master craftsman just to build one or two of these. You can do it only by following the tutorial that we have prepared for you.

DIY benches every room

DIY benches every room –

Below you will find various ways to build DIY benches for every room in your house. Pack in a beginner-friendly tutorial, these designs will inspire you to create even more unique DIY benches. After you finish one, you can place your own seat in your dining room, living room, and garden. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this thing together!




DIY Wood Bench

wood bench

wood bench – DIY Benches Every Room

The first DIY will give you a sturdy farmhouse style bench you can use for extra storage. It is enormous, and it certainly looks impressive in your front yard. This bench costs super cheap plus it is effortless to build.

These are what you need before you start building one:


  • 2x4s piece of board
  • Wood screws
  • Saw
  • Paint
  • Gloves
  • Drill



How To Create DIY Wood Bench:

How to build wood bench

How to build wood bench – DIY Benches Every Room

  1. First, choose 4 best pieces to be set as the feet of your DIY bench. Make sure you choose the smoothest one.
  2. Next, cut all remaining board with the saw in half. Then cut it again in the size of 14 inches. You are going to need 10 pieces of these.
  3. Set the feet of your bench in the ground and put the 14-inches piece above the feet.
  4. Screw them altogether by using wood screws and drill.
  5. Line everything up to the feet of the bench then drills and screw them to each leg.
  6. After that, make sure to attach a brace in every leg for safety.
  7. The last thing to drill would be the bottom shelves. Screw them below your board to create fantastic extra storage.
  8. You can sand and paint your bench once you are done.





DIY Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Bench – DIY Benches Every Room

As we are all getting old, classic furniture will throb our hearts even more. One of which is this DIY Outdoor Bench. If it does not remind you of the bench you sit on all day when you were kids, it certainly does it to me. These benches bring out childhood memories that most of us bury deep inside.

When you have kids, you are going to need to install safety precautions in your furniture. Having this bench prevent you from all the complicated measure. Being sturdy and robust, this bench can hold up to 100 kilograms and more. This is the best family bench available in the market currently.

If you are looking for a great bench to host a family gathering, this one is perfect for you. You can buy it in the nearest shop or get a bargain online. Be careful when you choose the delivery service to hire for sending the bench right to your home.




DIY Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Storage Bench – DIY Benches Every Room

A storage bench is quite popular these days. You can find them everywhere. They are perfect for even the tiniest home up to the bigger one. A DIY storage bench is exactly what you are looking for if you want a seat that stores stuff at the same time. Here is the list of tools and materials you need to have before building a DIY storage bench :

  • nail gun
  • drill
  • saw
  • boards
  • plywood
  • modular porch system




How to build a DIY storage bench :

  1. Prepare the area that you are going to use to create the storage bench. You can use chalk to draw the line and mark any vital area. You also need to clean the area before you start your work.
  2. To create the frame of the bench, you need to cut the boards. Adjust the pieces with the uneven spot you find in your floor. After that, you have to attach the side and back parts of the bench to the wall.
  3. Construct the front line by forming the board and nailing it to the front part. Make sure you follow the path you draw before. However, be careful doing it, you have to check if the front line is entirely even with the back side.
  4. Once you are done, organize the top pieces between the front and the back side. If they are already in line, secure their position by using hammer and screw.
  5. Cut more pieces by measuring the inner side of the bench. This is useful as you are going to need some support in the bottom of the storage bench. Drill these pieces and nailed them into the bottom part of the seat.
  6. Cut some plywoods to create pannels for your bench. MEasure them beforehand to make sure they are fit right into your storage bench. You can start from the bottom to the top then work outward to cover it with paint.




DIY Concrete Bench

DIY Concrete Bench

DIY Concrete Bench – DIY Benches Every Room

A concrete bench is fashionable and sturdy outdoor furniture items that are sure to draw people’s interest. Such stable, thievery-proof concrete seats appear fantastic and last ages in gardens, colleges, malls, business buildings and several other retail buildings.

Available in various types, this concrete bench is the most common bench you can find right now. Moreover, you can pick and choose your own bench from a range of elegant surfaces that fit into every landscape.

The collection of the sturdy exterior concrete bench is constructed with the best materials. Therefore, you can be sure that they will stand up to the weather and maintain their first initial look.

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