Colorful Living Rooms Design

Colorful Living Rooms Design – Do you want to spice up your living room? Some of these vibrant and colorful living room designs might be the right one for you. Research shows that adding more color equals to adding more life to your house. Therefore, painting your room with colors is essential if you want to brighten up your days.

Colorful Living Room Design

Colorful Living Room Design –

So are you ready to play with color? Are you excited to add some flavor? These designer’s picks contain the best ideas of color tone you should use in your living room.




Dramatize it!

Sometimes, dark color tones can be intimidating. Colors such as black, navy, and charcoal can make your living room looks overwhelming. However, there’s a particular trick you can use to deal with the downside of choosing the darker side.

Colorful Living Room Designs

Dramatize It – Colorful Living Room Designs

You can try combining them with a series of bright colors to highlight the drama. In the picture, you can find the example of the previous combination. Remember, dark shades will always bring more attention to the light ones.




Keep It Modest

The modest way to pick the color scheme of your living room is by selecting colors that come from the same tones or family. You can start by choosing warm or cool tones. Although this decision was never easy, it is undoubtedly going to make the next step easier.

Colorful Living Room Designs

Keep it Modest – Colorful Living Room Designs

Once you pick one color tones, you can choose colors that come under the same tones. For example, Green with blue and slightly cool grey are colors of the cool tones that bring out fresh nuance in the living room.




Your favorite pattern as a start

When you get confused with the endless color schemes available, choose a pattern. Everyone has their all-time favorite pattern. Whether it is your skirt or rug, a pattern comes with its own selection of color.

Colorful Living Room Ideas

Your favorite pattern as a start – Colorful Living Room Ideas

You do not have to spend time to decide on what colors or tones you want. Simply, take a look at your favorite pattern and match all the colors in the model with your colorful living room design. That will leave you with a living room specifically tailor to your own personal taste.




Soothing Natural Blue

Colorful Living Room Ideas

Soothing Natural Blue – Colorful Living Room Ideas

In terms of interior design, blue appears to be everyone’s favorite color. As the sky and ocean reminiscence, the color blue holds the power of soothing and calming the heart of the viewer. When you pair blue and classic white, your living room will get people to stay for its relaxing vibe. Blue is the heart of the sea as well as the vast of the sky. The color will suit anyone fond of nature.




Spicy Red

To instantly uplift the ambience, you need a spark of something red. This fiery color can brighten you and your guest’s day. If you do not want a dramatic measure such as painting one side of the wall red, you can just put hints of red in your decorations.

Colorful Living Room Ideas

Spicy Red – Colorful Living Room Ideas

It can be in your cushions, carpet, or flower vase. Be careful with red, though! A few chilli powders can make your taco taste delicious, but too much might put your pants in a fire. Just saying.





The Majestic Purple

Purple might stand on the girly side for some people. But, when an expensive look is what you want, purple might be the perfect color for you. This color symbolizes nobility, royalty, and ambition. It is luxurious and majestic at the same time.

Colorful Living Room Ideas

The Majestic Purple – Colorful Living Room Ideas

If you are looking for a colorful living room design to enrich the look of your home interior, choose purple. Some culture even believes this color will bring luck to your household. Go for plum and indigo color for the darker shade, lavender for the lighter one.




The opposite complementary

Getting familiar with the usage of color wheels is a must if you want to master interior design. You can use the color wheels for many things, including finding the opposite of each color. The colors facing each other in the color wheel are called for complementary colors.

Colorful Living Room Designs

The opposite complementary – Colorful Living Room Designs

They make each other looking more intense when placed side by side. If you want to draw attention or making a statement, you can use the combo of opposite colors. Try green vs red, orange vs blue, and purple vs yellow.




An artistic flair

When you decide to adopt white as your basic palette, your interior design might need a little more punch. You can get the punch right in the face by placing an art. It can be a painting, a sculpture, or an art installation.

Colorful Living Room Designs

An artistic flair – Colorful Living Room Designs

Whatever you choose, it must be big enough to act as a centrepiece of your living room. By doing this, you have to make sure that the rest of the room is using a neutral color scheme. So, what are you waiting for? Get to the nearest gallery and start browsing for the right art to display.




The accessory is the key

Plying with the color scheme is not limited to the wall painting or the furniture. Colorful living rooms design also incorporates the color to the accessories you buy to dress the room. Be sure to spend some of your time looking for a unique fixture in the right color tones. This can greatly enhance the look of your living room.

Colorful Living Room Ideas

The accessory is the key – Colorful Living Room Ideas

For example, you can buy a bohemian-look carpet to suit fresh blue tones. A vintage desk phone might be the right accessory for a warm tone living room. And, spicy red cushions are suitable for a family-friendly living room.




Bold is beautiful

Being bold when choosing your focal point will benefit your colorful living room design. Sometimes, what you need is just to be brave in combining all the colors you want. Make sure you pick the right centrepiece and build the attention towards it.

Colorful Living Rooms Design

Bold is beautiful – Colorful Living Rooms Design

In the picture, you can see that the blue tones are chosen to direct your attention to the fireplace. This is one excellent example of combining your centrepiece with your whole colorful living room design.

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